Design On The Run
Terry McMahon

3D Models


3D Models 

Over the course of designing, 3D modeling has been an extremely helpful tool to communicate your vision to peers or clients. Below are a broad spectrum of models done with a variety of purposes in mind. 

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Bud Light Bottle - Firefly Music Festival 2017

In 2017, the design team had an opportunity to design a custom bottle for Firefly Music Festival with Bud Light. As the graphic design team started to finalize the design, we needed a method to see how the graphic would lay and bend around the unique shape of an aluminum bottle. I created a bottle design off of the spec sheet we received and manipulated the graphic from our designer. This model was also used by Bud Light to present to their internal team and later to their Executive team for final approval on the design before production. 

VIP Loft - Firefly Music Festival

The festival was in need of a large viewing structure for VIP's to watch the show comfortably while fitting into the landscape. This 14,000 sqft loft was created and the model was used to get exact placement and viewing angles. This model had to be accurately laid out as it was used to layout site lines so build of it could start without the festivals main stage being in place. It was also used to market private cabanas to super VIP clients prior to their completion. 

Pipeline - Warrior Dash 5k

Pipeline was one of the more visually appealing and unique obstacles. It utilized circle cargo nets as well as heavy, eye catching, branding. This model was used to market the obstacle and race to runners prior to its build. We also used it to test various styles of branding and colors. 

Tiny House Exploration - Ideation Phase

A developer approached a contractor friend of mine with the idea of building a tiny house subdivision. During the Developers bidding process, we utilized quick models like this to pitch initial design thoughts. By allowing the developer to navigate and interact with the model, we were able to get better, more clear feedback. We are currently working through more finished designs for this project.