Design On The Run
Terry McMahon

Laminated Plywood Coffee Table

Plywood Coffee Table

Coffee Table created from CNC cut veneer plywood. Topped with a 54" x 32" sheet of glass.

This was the first piece of furniture I designed and built. It was created in 2010 and still serves as my coffee table to date. The design's main inspirations came from functionality first. I always wanted a clean coffee table top while have the ability to display items. Secondly, friends and myself were always kicking their feet up on the table top. I wanted to create a solution for those issues while playing with movement and curves out of what is historically a rigid material. The large sweeping curve below is an area to kick your feet up without them being on top of the table. It also serves as a display/storage for coffee table books or for myself, athletic recovery tools like my stick roller. Eleven is one of my favorite numbers and that is what inspired the voids and rhythm of the wood slats. It will always remain my favorite piece, and has had many people kick their feet up on it!