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Terry McMahon

Obstacle Design - Warrior Dash 5k

Warrior Dash Obstacle Design

Over the course of 7 race seasons and 6 years, I have designed over 50 obstacles for the Warrior Dash Race Series."Goliath" (below) was one of the more challenging designs to create. The obstacle which features a 10' high balance beam, and 30' water slide, has held its place as a staple obstacle through the years. 


3D Model 

Utilizing 3D models in the design process allows for multiple teams to efficiently and accurately view and share each project. The models can then be easily used as marketing tools, and as a major asset for race participants. 


Building for a Series 

Unique, fun, buildable, shippable. Not only does each build need to withstand construction and deconstruction 25+ times over the course of a season, but accessibility is a key factor in creating a successful race obstacle. The Warrior Dash Race Series attracts athletes from all fitness levels, with diverse demographics and skill sets. So designing something that is challenging, safe, fun, and achievable for all participants is key to the success of the design. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 3.13.46 AM.png

Construction Documents

Utilizing multiple contractors across the U.S. for this build, the construction documents were crucial for a successful construction onsite. Once the plans were drafted for each obstacle and reviewed by an outside engineer, each were given an engineered stamp and officially approved for races across the United States.



Test of Time

Goliath created a splash in 2015 and remained a staple through the 2017 season, and remained a staple in the Warrior Dash Series. The unique design was the first of its kind. Incorporating elements like its 8 water slides, made this fan favorite both fun and challenging. 

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